Move to custom domain

Since today, this blog is also available at Welcome everybody who’s interested, I’ll try to keep you posted about tech (primarily), happenings in my life, journeys, music and movies.

For those curious: I bought domain name “” for only EUR1.30. It’s not so crazy cheap to prolongate it though, ~EUR45. It’s not too much either. I also got a free email address with a help from Gitlab is super straightforward when it comes to configuring your custom domain, you just have to add a TXT record to your DNS zone file with a code they provide. Same goes for, you add a TXT record to your DNS zone file to confirm that domain is actually yours.

Oh, and there was a small bug (or poor instructions thereof) when configuring gitlab pages. The instruction said I have to add a record like this:     TXT     gitlab-pages-verification-code=XXXXXXXX

This didn’t work, it only worked when I added this record:     TXT     gitlab-pages-verification-code=XXXXXXXX

After that, everything worked like a charm, and I even don’t have to worry about SSL certificate, it’s all handled by Gitlab + Letsencrypt.

Cheers, and see you on my new blog!