OK, I made this stupid mistake again

There are times when you are tired of your current job just because you are not at slightest motivated. With me, it happened because the project that I was hired for a year ago, was shut down without any meaningful reason. I had a period when I wasn’t really understanding what’s going on which lasted for few months. Became nervous and anxious, asked for a transfer to a different team. Now it’s been 2 months on a new project, and it doesn’t feel satisfying at all. Naturally, I started looking sideways, maybe there’s a better job around. I started interviewing at Amazon, which took me a lot of time and effort, I went through all 4 rounds, including the 4 interviews in a row during the last stage, 1 hour each. I didn’t get an offer but that was a good experience, at every stage I had a clear idea about what to expect next, it was transparent, and the challenges to solve were reasonable in size and complexity, very suitable for a half an hour online coding exercise.

Later, I started interviews with a small fintech startup. I had a talk with a recruiter, then they sent me an online test for Golang, which was plain horrible: questions meant to trick the candidate rather then to check their knowledge, answer options with coding fragments of 10+ lines, unclear questions etc. I passed it with 96% score though, but I still gave a feedback that this test is far from being decent. After that, they invited me for an on-site interview. During pandemic, that felt strange and inconvenient. Yet, I thought “OK, let’s try and see what’s going on there in your office”. We had a chat with the CTO, and he said they were going to invite me to the office again, this time for a coding challenge. I had to reserve 4 hours for that. I was shocked with this. I told them it was not an option, an they agreed to replace it with home assignment. The assignment was to write a crawler in Go, and the guy said it should take 2-3 hours tops. Well, it took me 8.

Fucking hell, I knew that and still I couldn’t help but doing it, solving those stupid tasks, wasting time of my life to feed the sense of self-importance of some moronic dork.

There were so many red flags there:

  • them not giving any hint upfront on their hiring process
  • on-site interview, with absolutely no need for that
  • invitation for the 4 hours UNPAID ONSITE test assignment
  • CTO talking about “some other guy” who spent 4 hours and “only made the very first part, I could do it in half an hour”
  • the test assignment itself, which I immediately saw was a complex and a big-ass one.

And yet here I am, waiting for that asshole to evaluate my code and maybe come up with his fucking judgement. One thing I’m having in mind, though, is that if they come up with an offer, I’ll send them to hell but first I will tell them all I think about them, their test assignment and their absolute disrespect to other people.

Lesson learned. Again. FUCK TEST ASSIGNMENTS!